Kalisher, was founded by my late husband and I back in 2005. Jesse lead Marketing and Business Development while I developed the branding and founded the Creative Department. What started as a small business, selling his black and white photography prints in gift stores, grew into a large hospitality art company—creating, commissioning, and producing original art for spaces and places the world over. Our clients ranged from small boutique hotels to gigantic cruise ships and five story tall sculptural installations in Middle Eastern shopping malls. By the time I sold the company in 2018, we had 10 artists working full-time in our studio, a team of curators working with independent artists all over the world, a framing facility and about 120 employees in offices as far west as California and as far east as Amman, Jordan.
These are a few examples of the art that I made over the years — some were created for specific projects, others were in our general collection and used in multiple locations.
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