Diorama: Bora Bora
(Inset: Kelimutu, Uluru, Bora Bora)

Hand made recycled paper and aerial photography in a custom 3D printed shadow box. (2023)
Vintage Watercolors Series
Reworked vintage watercolor paintings (2021)
Shell circles
Recycled paper (formed in custom 3D printed moulds), found shells, vintage watercolor paper (2022)
Starfruit, Carrot and Cucumber
Fruit Paper (2022)
Handmade paper, thread, joss paper (2023)
Handmade paper, thread (2023)
Handmade paper, thread, paperclay (2022)
Paper Bowl with Grass
Handmade paper, dried grass (2021)
Tesselation #1
Chinese joss paper (2021)
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